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Are you ready to publish your book?

We publish a variety of genres.* We specialize in anthologies, journals, devotionals, autobiographies, memoirs, self-help, and nonfiction books. We also publish novels and children’s books.

The average turnaround time for production is four to six months. Some projects are completed sooner, and some take longer. Several factors affect the completion timeframe. Production begins once we receive a signed publishing agreement, a signed non-disclosure agreement, your completed manuscript, and a deposit payment. We offer expedited services, for an additional fee, depending on your selected publishing package. With the expedited service, we can guarantee a quicker process for your project.

Our package pricing ranges from $1,000 – $7,500. Packages may include cover design, basic editing, proofreading, formatting, file upload to multiple sales platforms, marketing tools, and more. With all of our packages, you retain ALL rights to your manuscript, your book cover, and your royalties (the sum of money paid for each book sold).

We DO NOT maintain or hold any rights to your work, and we DO NOT keep or collect any royalties from your book. Upon completion of your book project with us, you are still considered a self-published author and you will receive all final, edited files of your manuscript, plus the source files for your book cover

With each package, each author is put on our publishing pathway. The publishing pathway will provide you with a plan for your project that includes a timeline for each step on your journey. As a new author or returning author with Love Wins, for each book, you will periodically receive email updates to discuss the progress of your project and to guide you to the finish line! We will work with you to include additional services if needed or recommended. Our goal is your success!

Ready to get started or want more information?

STEP 1: Let’s schedule a FREE 20-minute consultation to see how we can help you!

STEP 2: Tell us more about your idea, book, and/or project so that we can determine the best services to provide you.

A guide to our publishing packages with details and a breakdown of pricing will be provided after your initial publishing consultation.

All manuscripts are not equal. We reserve the right to accept or decline any manuscript presented for publishing services. If a manuscript is declined for services, an agreement will not be entered into, and no payments will be accepted. *WE DO NOT ASSIST IN PUBLISHING EROTICA.