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Rose Watson Richardson is a self-published, international author of both children’s and adult books. She is an educator of all ages, a counselor, and an entrepreneur. In 2021, Rose launched her new business, The Imagination Garden, where she empowers people to plant seeds to grow their knowledge for spiritual awakening. She encourages individuals to embrace their hopes and dreams and manifest their thoughts into successful plans to reach their highest level of abundant living that God has divinely ordained for them.

Rose’s first published book series, Dolly and the Roller Kids, has been distributed both nationally and internationally. She has written three more children’s books, which she plans to publish in the near future. The characters in this new book, The Scene Seer, may be revisited sometime in the future, too. For now, Rose hopes that you to enjoy this story of sci- fi, mystery, and a journey through the lives of the characters involved.

Rose’s Latest Release

A sci-fi mystery for young and mature adults, The Scene Seer is a fiction debut by Rose Watson-Richardson. For fifty plus years, he had successfully hidden his special abilities. Graham Pendleton may no longer have the luxury of protecting this anomaly anymore. His biggest fear was having his life played out for all to see, as he struggled to protect his family from a silent and invisible enemy who seemed hell-bent on destroying the family he loved and protected with his own life!

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