Our Team

Love Wins Publishing is a limited liability corporation (LLC) based in Chandler, Arizona. We are a virtual organization with independent staff who work remotely from all over the world. At this time, we have a full female staff. Yes, our Publishing Consultants, Editors, Graphic Designers & Artists, are a diverse team of business women & entrepreneurs who are hardworking, dedicated, and committed to excellence and delivering quality service and quality product.


The Birth of Love Wins…

Rafael and Tanya DeFreitas are creative individuals with a knack for writing. Both began their writing journeys as children. Today, they are both international, bestselling, self-published authors.

In 2018, Rafael worked to provide for his family while Tanya was serving as a Homemaker after being placed on disability from her corporate job as a Purchasing Assistant. During that time, Tanya decided to finally sit down to put the finishing touch on her first book. In September of the same year, Tanya released, “Live Your Dream Now,” and that sparked something inside of her. Love Wins Publishing was birthed. By December, Tanya had published a second book, “You Talk Too Much,” and a third book, “Tidbits.”

Rafael paid attention to and quickly noticed his wife’s ambition and gift. The two decided it would be best for him to continue working and for Tanya to remain at home to begin building their business. By March 2019, Love Wins Publishing was officially formed and had two publishing contracts. Tanya had also published more books, including her first anthology, “Pretty Sad.”

Shortly thereafter, Rafael had to come off his demanding job as a result of military related injuries. Tanya had to re-enter the workforce to help support the family. The business took a back seat, however still managed to serve writers and help them become published on a limited and part-time basis.

In 2020, Love Wins Publishing went to another level. The pandemic forced Tanya to become a Homemaker, again. Thankfully, just before the pandemic, Rafael was awarded what was long overdue from his military service. Tanya saw an opportunity, then buckled down to level up the business! New packages were created, new programs were launched, and new published authors were birthed. The company went from an all female client base to also serving men and children. Since inception, Love Wins Publishing has helped nearly 200 writers become published authors and we are growing daily. This is our legacy to our children, our family, our community, and the world.


Love Wins Publishing is a family-owned company. The Chief Officers are family members and the children of the executive team are involved in the work the company does. They assist with marketing, accounting, and events. The oldest son is an artist who writes his own lyrics and performs. The younger two children are published authors; one sings and both are empowering orators in the making. They each have their own creative gifts & talents. They are blessing to the executive team, to the world, and to the company.



Camile Jené, Editor-in-Chief

Lupe Duran (Spanish)

Tenisha Collins

Marketing & Design

Audrea V. Heard, Director of Marketing

Browniesha Blackman

Preetu Trivedi


Love Wins Publishing is honored, pleased, and proud to partner with the following companies in order to meet your publishing & business needs. The companies represented are owned or represented by our personnel team:


Joy Pusher Book Publishing

Collins, Ink.

IBG Publications

TransformUrLyfe Coaching & Consulting