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Our Team

Love Wins Publishing is a corporation with a home base in Chandler, Arizona. We have an independent staff of women who work remotely from all over the world. Yes, our Publishing Consultants, Editors, Graphic Designers & Artists, are a diverse team of businesswomen & entrepreneurs who are hardworking, dedicated, committed to excellence and delivering quality service and quality products.



Camile Jené, Editor-in-Chief

Lupe Duran (Spanish)

Tenisha Collins

Marketing & Design

Browniesha Blackman

Preetu Trivedi


Love Wins Publishing is honored, pleased, and proud to partner with the following companies in order to meet your publishing & business needs. The companies represented are owned or represented by our personnel team:


Joy Pusher Book Publishing

Collins, Ink.

TransformUrLyfe Coaching & Consulting

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