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We value your business, your book, you, and
your brand!

We value your business, your book, you, and your brand!
Who Are We?

Love Wins Publishing

Love Wins Publishing is a faith-based, family-owned and operated company that serves as a consulting firm, helping writers to become self-published authors. We are not a traditional or vanity publisher. We do not ask for, claim, or keep any royalties and you are not paying us to become published.

Scholarship – Love Wins Publishing


A portion of our proceeds is used to fund academic scholarships. The current award being funded is the Ardena Marie Carter Memorial Scholarship (AMCM).

The AMCM scholarship was established several years ago by Tanya DeFreitas and Tiana Burton, in memory of Ardena Marie Carter, an alumnus of Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School, in Los Angeles, California. Ardena attended Bravo from 1994 to 1997. She was a member of the poetry club, Young Black Scholars (YBS), she ran track & cross-country, and she was a dear friend to many.


Ardena went on to further her education at Howard University. She later attended graduate school in Georgia, where her life tragically ended as a result of domestic violence. Ardena was a teacher, a writer, a community advocate, and volunteer. She was also a close friend to Love Wins Founder, Tanya, who elected to honor her friend’s memory through creating this award.

Each year, the AMCM scholarship committee will release the award application and select at least one recipient, based on application, essay, financial need, and program funding. In addition to proceeds from the #timetotell movement and book sales, private donations also help to fund the scholarship and are welcome year-round. If you are interested in donating to this award or any of our awards, please contact us.

The following private donors have supported awards issued 2019, 2020, and 2021.

  • Rafael & Tanya DeFreitas
  • Dwayne & Trina Taylor
  • Clif & Teresa Trombley
  • Stephen & Ranita Forman
  • Chris & Tenisha Collins

Without our donors, the awards would not be possible. We truly value and appreciate our donors for helping us to make a difference in the lives of others. For more information about the scholarship, how to apply or donate, please contact:

Who Are We?

How we work

Love Wins offers writing and publishing opportunities and we assist existing published authors with re-branding or book makeovers. We manage and oversee anthologies, we create and complete business documents and forms, and we provide online training & personal development in writing, publishing, and marketing or selling your book! 

We provide quality service, at affordable prices – on purpose! Our mission is to help you reach your goal and to make dreams come true. We strive to ensure a quick turnaround, and quality customer service & support! Our vision is to sow love into our clients, their projects, our community, and the world. We treat your project, your book, and your goals as if they were our own.

Love Wins aspires to do business with excellence, integrity, and LOVE! We promote honesty & respect in all we do. We love what we do, we love who we serve, and we firmly believe that love covers, love conquers, and LOVE WINS!


Our Valued Services

Self-Publishing Packages

Is your manuscript complete? Are you ready to publish your book? Why do all the work yourself? We have bundled the services you need to self-publish and we’ll do the work for you! We offer four reasonably priced packages, depending on your needs. The only requirement to get started is a publishing agreement and deposit.

Re-Branding & Book Revision

Are you seeking to update your book or make some changes? Are you unhappy with how your book turned out? Let us give your book a makeover with our re-branding and revision program. In this program, we analyze your existing book and help you decide on how to enhance and polish your work of art. Our goal is to help you present your book with the quality & excellence that best-selling books should have!


Anthology Administration

Do you want to create an anthology & you are not sure where to begin or what to do? Why bother – we’ll administer the process for you! We’ve successfully managed several anthologies of our own, including best-sellers, and we may be able to manage yours! You get the credit, we do the work, and guide you through the process to the finish line!


Training & Personal Development

Do you have an idea in your mind and don’t know how to turn it into a book? Is your manuscript complete and you don’t know what to do next? Is your book published and you’re wondering why it’s not selling? Do you want to learn the basics of writing, publishing, and/or selling your book? We’ll show you in our Write NOW online courses!


Business Support & Document Creation

Do you need a document or form for your business? Do you need help with a grant application? We create forms for entrepreneurs and businesses, including but not limited to program descriptions, policies & procedures manuals, non-disclosure agreements, and coaching agreements. We also assist with 501c3 applications and grant applications. We create resumes, cover letters, and salary negotiation letters, too. Contact us today for more information.



Andrea M. Brown Author of “I’m Going to Make You Love Me: A Dog’s Tale”

“Working with Love Wins Publishing has been a very positive experience from start to finish! I not only produced a well-written, well-edited piece of art, I also gained someone new in my life that inspires me and encourages me to continue to tap into this new world called being an Author. Thank you, Love Wins….When Love Wins….We all Win!!! (Your new slogan!) lol Don’t worry, I won’t charge you.”

M. Bozeman Author of “MONIKA“

“Tanya’s knowledge and professionalism put my book on the market in such a short time. She stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process and I am in love with the finished product. Her sincere and encouraging words have given me the drive to continue writing more books. I am looking forward to working with Tanya and the Love Wins Publishing team on my next book. I highly recommend Love Wins Publishing to anyone seeking a book publisher. Thank you, Tanya, for everything! You are my inspiration.”

Grace Sanchez Author of “Finding Gracie“

“As a first-time author, my working experience with Tanya was exceptional. She was professional, efficient, yet kind and patient. She walked with me on this journey and helped me bring my dream of publishing my book to reality. I highly recommend Tanya to anyone in need of a book publisher. She is the BEST!!”

Donyelle Allen Author of “My Daily Peace“

“Working with (Love Wins) has been rewarding. Tanya noticed a gift inside of me that even I didn’t know I had. She began inspiring me to pour this passion out. reaching multitudes I had never imagined. At first, the thought of me becoming an author was frightening. I wondered if I could do it: put my heart into words, and effectively express myself. What I love most about Love Wins is they take the time and walk you smoothly step-by-step through the entire process. I didn’t have to feel super educated, because that was their job. I recommend Tanya and her team at Love Wins because they care about the words that are written in people’s hearts, and have the compassion towards the world to want everyone to have an opportunity to read them.”

Sherry Pitts Author of “#QualityThoughtLife“

“Tanya is knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated, and professional. During the entire publishing process, Tanya stayed in contact with me. She valued my input and always made me feel like a valued client. Tanya inspires women through her gift of writing and communication. Her inspiration has prompted me to continue writing more books. I am grateful to have Tanya as a part of my goal of publishing another book. Tanya, thank you for being you and allowing God to use you to help so many of us!” Sherry Pitts, Author of #QualityThoughtLife

N-Spired Hands (Nicole Mathis) Author of “Soul Food Daily Devotions (Volume I and II)” and “All About Love”

“Tanya is a beautiful soul and the publisher of my books. It is a privilege and honor to know her. She is very professional and does things in a timely manner to get the job complete. Tanya is very polite and God-fearing. I look forward to working with her in the future.”

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